Mark 2 Gives Back

Mark 2 is proud to offer discounts to all veterans of the United States military . If you have a mold issue or a flood /water damage job and not covered by you homeowners insurance , Mark 2 will help any veteran . Will will take between 25 & 50% off of the standard rate to help you . As of July 1st 2014, we will putting aside some our money earned to help people in need . We have done this for years , but now we will try to help more on a larger level . Mark 2 will also be donating a portion of our earring to many charities as well . Last year we were able to help some great people out of some severe situations . Mold is an awful thing and may be very harmful to some people and pets . If you have mold in your home it needs to be removed and not just painted over . Many companies are just painting over the mold and moving on to the next scam . All they are doing is placing a band aide on it . The mold will return with a vengeance . Please go to our video link and click mold video. We don't paint over it , we seal it so you can see how good we did our job . Our sealers are invisible . It is like we were never there . Most of the time the plywood will be back to new .