Dear Mark,

I wanted to take the time to Thank you and your family for helping us out of a bad situation. As you know we were knee deep in water and Mark showed up with some massive pumps and drying equipment. Mark and his Team were able to save my whole basement and dry the place with out removing all the walls. He used a new drying system and just drilled holes under the basboards and dried the whole place in 4 days. When Mark and his Brothers left I put the baseboard back up and my house looked like he was never there.  Here is a copy of my video. I have R-30 INSULATION IN MY WALLS. I could not believe that they could save my basement and it was a week before Christmas. My house was back within one week.

Here is the video Mark sent me http://youtu.be/YiA9pIOw9Vo

Thanks Again, AJ


Sorry for the Name calling, I am from New York and Mark Talked funny.  We were all under water when Hurrican Sandy hit us here in Long beach, NY  11561.  My brother inlaw has been freinds with Mark for over 15 years. We called Mark to run a few things past him and asked if we could rent some of his equipmet. Mark said he would call us back and he did.  Mark loaded up one of his box trucks with dehumidifiers , air movers, Heaters and other stuff needed to bail us out. He arrived at 7 AM and started helping my family dry our homes.  I can't say enough about that, not many people would drive 5 hours to lend a hand.  The good news is Mark decided to stick around and brought 3 or 4 more truck loads of equipment in  and set up shop helping other freinds and anyone who needs help. It was tough gettting over the fact he was wearing a redsox hat and New England Patriots duffle bag, but it all worked out.

Thanks Again , Eric

Hi Mark,

We really appreciate all you guys have done.  I am not sure if you remember, but we had no insuarance and you guys came to the rescue.  I was very happy with your service and even more happy with the discount you gave us. We are a retired couple on a fixed income and Mark was wonderful.  My neighbors had a flood and the Yellow trucks did that house. They paid 55% more then I did.  I can't say enough about these guys, My whole street was flooded and the only guys that didnt take advantage was Mark 2. Great Job and I will 100% reffer you guys and use you again.

Best wishes, Paul in Framingham, MA


During the last 2 days of rain we got (a few days back) I went down to check the basement and found I had a small amount of water coming in behind my heating system. It turns out that I have a floor to ceiling crack in the foundation that I need to deal with first. Because of the location, I believe a small amount of additional demolition will be necessary. If you have a concrete guy I would love to talk to him. After I get the foundation fixed, I want to do the floor next. It has major cracks that need to be sealed and then I want to paint it, fleck it and polycoat it. Once that is done I'll be ready to refinish the walls. I would like to settle up with you so I know where I stand at this point and I would welcome a quote for all of the additional work. I do have to tell you that working with your guys is a true pleasure. They are highly professional, work quickly and cleanly and are just nice people. You have really made a horrible situation into as pleasant of an experience as it could be and I look forward to working with you to complete the rest of the job. Saturday I leave for work at 11:30 AM. 


Hi Mark! I just wanted to drop you a note. Thank you again for all your help with everything. I wanted to send you something for your testimonial page. I've included it below.


Hi Mark 2, I just wanted to Thank You for doing a great job on my carpet cleaning. My wife is very happy with your service.

Thanks Again, Steve S 
North Providence, RI 

Hi Mark, I am thrilled with our new carpets, your installer Roger did a fantastic job on my stairs and living room. 

Thank You, Teri 
Franklin, MA 

Hi, I love my carpet runner on my stairs. Your crew did an awesome job and were very processional. It is nice to see a local company that cares. 

Sincerely, Joan H 
Bellingham, MA 

Thanks for doing a fantastic job on our water damage job. Mark from Mark 2 was Johnny on the spot. We had 2 feet of water in our basement and we called Mark 2 Enterprises out of Bellingham or Blackstone. They were her in under 1 hour. Within 2 hours they had all the water removed and started to demo our walls that were ruined from the water. They put all kinds of equipment in our basement and dried it in 3 days. What a great job and reliable service. I would recommend them to anyone who has a disaster. 

Thanks, Linda 
Uxbridge, MA